Tucker's Walk

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    • September 17, 2012

    • Yesterday we finished picking grapes! We had a pretty good harvest, short on quantity, but long on quality. Life is good! we will be crushing, pressing, racking and bottling for the next few days. Come out and watch, or tour the vineyard. Oh yeah, and try the wine!

    • Pruning in Early Spring (every year)
    • We prune grapes beginning in March. Check us out in Facebook (and "like" us to keep up with our progress) or use Twitter to tell your friends about us.

    • planting crew

      Planting Party 2007 - This was the year that our hobby officially got out of hand. The first acre of Marquette, Brianna, LaCrescent, and St. Pepin. What a great crew of friends and family!

    Welcome to Tuckers Walk

    Our vineyard is home to cold hardy grapes including Marquette, Brianna, St. Croix, Frontenac Gris, St. Pepin, and LaCrescent. We also grow and ferment fruits such as raspberries, rhubarb, and wild plum. Enjoy!

    Our award winning wines are continuing to get better and better as our young vineyard matures and we learn more about these cold hardy varieties. We are already enjoying their unique flavors, and each vintage seems to reveal more and different characteristics.

    Many of our grapes are just babies, so quantities may be limited. We also have made some fruit wines that increase our variety. Whether you like dry or sweet, we should have something you like. If you have wondered what kind of wines come from cold hardy grapes, this may be your chance to try them out.

    Join us in the adventure!